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Hello folks!
This is the new homepage for all the people world-wide who have spent a wonderful time in Sheffield, England.
At the moment this site is focused on all the people who were (oversea) students in 1991/92 at the Sheffield Hallam University (SHU), formerly known as Sheffield Polytechnic. For most of the foreign students this time abroad was really a great experience thanks to the SHU which took any effort to make us feel good.




June 2009: time is going by, unfortunately, but at least we have the internet now – and Youtube. So we can dig out some jewels we all loved so much, like ...:


Come on baby light my fire ...

July 2003: thanks to Eliska & Declan we have now more details of the reunion party last October.

View on the SHU from the rail station

May 2003: some photos of our Ten Year Anniversary weekend in October 2002 (organised by Sue, thank you so much). There must be much more photos - please send them to me.

Town hall

March 2003: 'official' pictures made by my friend Siggi at his first time in town. This is how Sheffield looks like today from a tourist point of view. Since we have left it looks much prettier and cleaner :-)


December 2002, photo made by

Sheffield ReunionJan 2003: Sheffield is every- where! As Birgit and Stefan found out in New Zealand. Cheers


Dec 2002: this website is going live! Since I haven't got any proper pictures on my PC at work right now, I start with this one showing how 3 guys ended up 10 years after they spent a couple of months in Sheffield.  Sven

Sven, Stefan and Thorsten lost in the Mediterranean Sea
( Summer 2002, photo made by Bernhard )



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